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A collection of all the goblin gamer pictures

Hell Score looking wellhard...

• 90rr from Hell Score playing Unreal Tournament GOTY. Pizzas on monitors to keep them warm.

• The edgy outsiders Venatus next to their goddamn Honda Civic.

• The guild Goetia Gamers Playing Quake at Game Zone. They no longer reside in the neighbourhood.

• A past Game Zone LAN party. I’ve no idea who any of these goblins are. That might be Burhn_5c0rn fromVenatus?

Evil Inside. Evil behind a keyboard perhaps, but dorks in person.

• Kid Grey, a member of Evil Inside.

• Hey it’s me!

• Siris and Archie from Dark Hiraeth. Don’t ask me which is which.

Bio_Demon doing some cybergoth nerd shit idk.

• The infamous “InsideH3rMan69”. You can almost smell this picture...

• The even more infamous “FR34K_”. He haunts my nightmares.