Entry 101: Feb 28, 2005
  • Age: 14
  • Species: Goblin
  • Affiliation: ????
  • Power: Tech
  • Likes: Half-Life 2, Opeth, Codename: Kids Next Door


I’m not sure how I ended up here either, but welcome to the neighbourhood. My name used to be Dan (I think), but everyone calls me Jex_. Don’t sweat it kid, I was lost too when I first arrived, so that’s why I made this website— to let you know who the MLG goblins are around here haha.

But you’ll be fine. All you gotta do is log on, join a lobby and game. You’ll be in a Guild in no time. Or if not, try and start your own. There’s plenty of goblins out there.

Me? I’m kinda between Guilds atm. I’m more of a fan than an actual competitor anyway. Perhaps I'll make my own games someday idk… but for now I’m happy to just hang out and have fun.

Computer Arts interactive 1998+CD-ROM

Entry 101: Feb 28, 2005

I found this CD with a full copy of Bryce 2 on it! It looks pretty easy— I can’t wait to try it out! I've always wanted to see the sea, so I’ll make my own! My own paradise island haha.

I couldn’t get it to work…

I hope the CD isn’t busted. I’d really appreciate any help on this haha. Damn, I just want to make things, but when I'm trapped in this void all I end up making is mirrors of this place… I want to escape, but I’m not ready. I'm kinda scared, but the unknown scares me even more!