937 PhUK 'd L[]s3rZ

Hey what’s up fuck face. Man u must have no frickin life to put out a website like this Jex. why don’t u Take yr frickin interview and shove it up yr Mom’s ass. And don’t even try to compare us to those pussy guilds. They don’t come close to EVIL INSIDE.

bio demon…. hellscore…. venatus….. we know ur reading this. U r all loser posers stuck up yr own ass. No one cares about yr sad act stories. It is clear 2 us u don’t actually give a shit about gaming and that is why goblins like u equal shit.

Meanwhile we don’t give a shit about anything other than gaming and that is why we rule. We r gonna DESTROY u like the pieces of garbage u r next tournament, so u might as well quit now cos EVIL INSIDE IS GONNA FUCK U UP.

And we havn’t forgotten u “Dark Hirath”. Man u guys used to be the shit…... actual talent at FPS. u were legends 2 us. But u SOLD OUT. Now u make little bitch “games”4 little bitch losers. What the frick happened????? U think U r 2 gud 4 shootrz when in fact yr just snobby dorks. U better watch yr sorry ass 4 turnin yor back on us. WE R GONNA EAT YoR FLESH. WE R GONNA PEEL U APPART. WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU.