Jex: Hi is it okay if I ask you some questions for a website about the neighbourhood?

Burhn_5c0rn: Perhaps. What do you want to know?

J: just about yourself, like what's your Guild about?

B: The guilds are all disgusting. To seek salvation through gaming is dumb af. Gaming for sport, power, escapism, creation or whatever, it's all meaningless. Look around you Jex, we exist in a void. We are here to rot.

J: So why do you even play games?

B: Punishments. Gaming is an isolating, self flagellation ritual in Satan's honour. Just look at the themes; Hell, death, hatred. The expression of vitriol felt towards your opponent— that's real. The game is a conduit of a hex.

J: No. No you're talking shit, I don't hate my... games are not all like that! Look at Dark Hiraeth.

B: What about them? Toiling away making games no one will play. They're simply prolonging the inevitable and the fact they're still here, in this void, says it all.

J: What does it say? What are you talking about?

B: Jex, Venatus exists because gaming is an act of suicide.

J: Fuck off.

B: Anytime.

Honda Civic EF

J: It's always such a pleasure talking to you guys. Oh, also can you give me a lift to the corner store? I want to pick up some crisps.

B: Sure, we were about to head out anyway. And Jex, you got the new Diablo right? Mind if we borrow it?

J: I guess, but it better not come back all scratched like the last game I lent you.